Creating online websites

Do you own a business and you are looking for someone who could create your online website? Maybe you are an individual who wants to show the world his/her hobby or you would like to tell people about your adventures? A lot of the time business owners contact me in order to set up their business cards in form of an online website, as well as shop owners who want to expand their potential. If you are interested I believe that together we could work on a project, you are looking for

Why website with MarKuz?

I believe that choosing my website will help you:

Save money

Unlike other big companies my prices are very attractive, they don’t have any extra hidden payments behind them

Save time

the time depends on the client- personally I am available most of the time

Have more

not only I help with the website, I also provide the possibility of using e-mail accounts with your own domain and many other additions - just ask me about any additions you are interested in

Website? E-Commerce? Blog?

I try to ensure that my work with the client is at the highest possible level. To make sure my work is at the highest possible level I always follow steps mentioned below


Unique project

I work on ready-made website templates, customizing them for the client so that the website stands out while maintaining a simple and clear style


Easy to edit

I trying to take care of the client’s needs and independents, I give back the finished websites as configured for a person, that doesn’t need any IT skills in order to change the content or the look of the website in the future


Now days most of the costumers reach our websites using their phone. The finished websites are fully scalable and readable on mobile phones and tablets


After I give you the finished website, I offer support in the form of simple client training to keep the client independent. For clients that prefer to give their obligations regarding the functioning of the website, I suggest further cooperation in the form of me taking care of the website



I offer mediation in the demand for a logo, business cards or other graphic works that are performed by my trusted graphic designer



Giving me your website project you don’t have to worry about any payments for a year because the server, e-mail, SSL certificate and domain are paid for year in advance at a promotional price

A few words about me

I will try to introduce myself- I hope this will help you make your decision

Mariusz Kuźmicz

When creating websites, I am guided by simplicity and legibility- the times where websites were meant to shine and have a lot of information all over them are now over. In my opinion now websites should be simple and easy to scan through. Also the website should be adapted to mobile phones

Overall I work with private clients and small businesses who value cooperation and professionalism

I base my work on partnership and clear communication. I discuss financial matters with my clients on a regular basis, no hidden additional costs. I inform my clients about any possible changes, corrections or other implementations that in my opinion can improve the quality and potential of the website

The process of creating websites

The first stage (2-7 days)


At this stage, we focus on the client’s needs. We try to determine the main functions of the website and its outline. A well prepared plan shortens the next stages of the process and limits the risk of making a mistake

The first stage (2-7 days)

The second stage (3-12 days)


Knowing the needs of the client we establish a plan, the necessary technology and we make a draft of the website as a final result. At this stage the costs of work related to the creation of the website are also determined

The second stage (3-12 days)

The third stage (2-14 days)

Configuration of the Site Foundations

Having an action plan, we move on to creating the foundations of the website- servers, domain, SSL certificates, e-mail boxes, content management system. The better the plan the shorter the implementation process. From this stage the client has access to the current progress and can monitor it

The third stage (2-14 days)

The fourth stage (5days-6 weeks)

Working on the website

Having access to the server, domain and other basic elements for the functioning of the website, we proceed to the implementation of the plan. The website begins to take on a format, and right after that it is filled with content or required technologies that are necessary for the client

The fourth stage (5days-6 weeks)

Fifth stage (5-14days)

Testing and implementation

During this stage we do tests such as: functionality tests, usability tests, performance test etc. Because of the tests the client can be sure that his/hers new website is ready to receive its first viewers

Fifth stage (5-14days)

The sixth stage (ongoing)

Maintenance and Development

At this point the process of creating the website has ended however, the development of the website didn’t end. The last stage is the management of the website and its further optimization in order to attract more clients. Most clients work with us long term. It may relate to the warranty period or additional support in introducing any changes and adding new subpages

The sixth stage (ongoing)

Let's start now

If you are thinking about working with me, however if you are unsure about prices or anything else just simply contact me. I am happy to answer any question and help you make your decision


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